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    "no idols / pass the jay" by Brian Jones

    "no idols / pass the jay" by Brian Jones

    fuck what ya heard/


    the intonation of my vernacular


    half notes of prayer to

    fallen idols like           


    - nigga, please or fuck outta here


    have their own half lives

    of blasphemous consciousness

    and could very well

    lie at two distinct edges of bullshit

    like motherfucker you know what’s good

    or passing the j to the right

    and not asking for it back


    bc i do it all for the love

    "anthem" by Brian Jones

    "anthem" by Brian Jones




    when the final football

    is spiked in the turfless


    end zone of 4th and 1s

    with no time left,


    a penalty will be called

    on those that turned their


    heads to see the final coin

    flipped from the bleachers


    to determine which side

    would kneel first.